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MemberPlayers Agreement

Date of Last Revision: December 26, 2017

This additional agreement is between and users having a Membership as Player.

  1. Membership as MemberPlayer (MP) in is free of charge for the players.
  2. MemberPlayers agree to complete the Form with text, content and videos with in 3 weeks from the time of becoming a Member.
  3. MemberPlayers agree to be active and visit the site or app of to be updated about the progress and development. MemberPlayers are expected to login to their Member account at least once every second week.
  4. MemberPlayers videos are done according to instructions. The focus of the videos is to show the MemberPlayers football skills. Personal information name, contact information is not allowed in the videos.
  5. is not responsible for the MemberPlayers success or lack of success finding a club or getting in contact with clubs or agents.
  6. is not responsible or involved in the dialogue, negotiations between MemberPlayers and MemberClients. Agreements between MemberPlayers and MemberClients is nothing that is involved in and can not be responsible for by any of the two parties.
  7. has the right to cancel, delete, deactivate MemberPlayers account at any time, if the MemberPlayer breaks Terms & Policies of Also if the MemberPlayer usage breaks the idea of

Contact with questions:

Please contact Footballisperfect AB online or by mail at:
Footballisperfect AB, Lagmansgatan 10, S-833 35 Strömsund, Sweden.